The light from the sun takes 8 mins to reach us on earth, but if it blew up would it be quicker than 8 mins for us to see or would we see quicker than 8 mins?


Google says it would take 170,000 million years and 8.5 minutes

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If it blows up we won’t know for another 8 minutes. Light travels at the speed of light. There is nothing faster than the speed of light, and so it will take the same amount of time to see it blow up as it takes to travel normally.

It would definitely be 8 mins, or longer. Nothing can get here faster than light.

We would see it 8 minutes after it exploded. 170,000 million years is much longer than the universe has existed, so that has nothing to do with the time it takes for sunlight to reach the Earth.

It’d take eight minutes for us to see it. The 100,000 years figure is the amount of time it takes for like to move (on average) from the core to the Sun’s surface, after which it takes eight minutes to get from the surface of the Sun to Earth.

Note that it would also take at least eight minutes for any other effect to propagate to the Earth, including things like gravity. So we’d have absolutely no way to detect anything had happened before the light reached us.

Would we see the explosion before it hit? Woud we be stood outside looking at the explosion?