The mocking saying “I have a beach front property in Kansas to sell you”


Okay, I understand Kansas is a landlocked state ocean-wise, But!!!

Does it not have rivers or lakes at all?

Are the shores of lakes and rivers not considered proper beaches?

Does the term “beach front property” only apply to residencies near the ocean or at least a very large sea?

None of the above but nobody cares?

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You are overthinking it.

“You’re so dumb you’d buy a ‘beach house’ far away from the beach! Hah hah!” That’s it.

In general when people talk about beachfront property they are talking about property overlooking the sea, not a river or a lake .

Milford and Tuttle lakes are huge and very under-utilized. If you are retired and don’t need to go to work each day (not much of a job market here), then Milford / Tuttle provides a LOT of waterfront property at reasonable rates.

And by “reasonable” I mean horrible, but…slightly less horrible than ocean-front property.

You’re overthinking it, but also no, people don’t refer to lakefront or riverfront houses and beachfront properties. They refer to them as I just did. “Beachfront” is reserved for houses on the ocean beach, at least in the US.

This is the descendant of an old joke from the 60’s about California and the San Andreas fault. People talked about California falling into the sea, so people were selling beach front property in Arizona. This paralleled an even older joke line about selling you swampland in Florida.

So, it became a generalized joke about selling beachfront property in (land locked location).