Transnational globalisation strategy


The only definition I can find in books are that it is “a strategy that attempts to be cost efficient, locally responsive & learning driven”, but that doesn’t really say what it is. I’m not really sure how it differs from a localisation strategy.

In: Economics

There are three hings this would likely mean: one market (US) globally sourced, one source (US) globally marketed or a mixture of the two.

One market means creating a single product for the US and sourcing materials and labor from the cheapest places. Outsourcing does this.

One source means creating a product in the US (or any other place) and the. making a minimal number of changes so it can be sold globally with little effort and cost. Hollywood movies are like this.

Ultimately it’s either about keeping production costs as low as possible by finding the cheapest sources or about maximizing the revenue from reaching a global audience.