Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes



I’m applying for a job at a company who specialise in Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, the job I’m going for is not on the science side of things but I would like to be able say I have some kind of understanding of what the company do in the interview.

I’ve had a look about and the majority of the info available is in big journals, can anyone give me the basic version which I could explain in an interview to show I know what they do.


In: Chemistry

If you’ve read journals you probably know enough to have a basic idea, but it’s hard to say what that particular company is doing without knowing who they are. However, lymphocytes are the cells of the immune system that are able to recognize and kill cells that are not “self” (the body’s own cells), or that are infected. Cancer cells are slightly different than the body’s normal cells, so the lymphocytes can often find them and kill them. But tumors evolve the ability to evade detection by the lymphocytes. It also might become hard for the liver cells to get into the tumor to get at all of the cancer cells. So companies are trying to make lymphocytes better at getting into the tumors and killing cancer cells. This might be through creating vaccines against the cancer cells, or things like genetic engineering of the lymphocytes