Turn servers


How do TURN servers work?

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I run IT for my workplace. We do not allow people to watch netflix, we block connections to netflix from our IT network.

You, enterprising and lazy employee, want to watch netflix while at work. So you configure a server in your home that does nothing but relay a netflix connection.

From your work PC you connect to your home server. Your home server connects to netflix and sends the stream to your work PC. I (the network admin) can’t tell because it just looks like you are connected to your home server.

In reality, I can tell because of the level of data usage. None of my users should be doing anything that even remotely looks like a 4k movie stream. But if you were in a different business line that level of data usage might not be unusual so it would be harder to discover.

There’s some other uses for TURN servers, but this is by far the most common right now. It’s casually just a relay to get around your companies IT rules.