Vietnam War veterans’ mental health comparing to other wars’ veterans

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I noticed that a lot of media and publications talk about Vietnam War veterans suffering from PTSD and other psychological/mental health issues.
What was so devastating in this specific war comparing to other wars (i.e. WW1 and WW2) that caused so many vets’ trauma?
Or is it a matter of fact that during previous wars mental health care was less developed?

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War is always traumatic. Not all soldiers get PTSD but there is no specific level of severity that “qualifies” for PTSD or not. Each person is different and war is horrible no matter how you look at it.

But the key difference between the two wars was the treatment the vets received back home. WW2 vets got a hero’s welcome and Vietnam vets were unjustly treated with disdain, unjustly because they were drafted and held responsible for the actions of multiple successive governments they had no control over. The war ruined their lives and they came back home and hated for their part in it instead of being seen as victims of it as well.

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