Vietnam War veterans’ mental health comparing to other wars’ veterans

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I noticed that a lot of media and publications talk about Vietnam War veterans suffering from PTSD and other psychological/mental health issues.
What was so devastating in this specific war comparing to other wars (i.e. WW1 and WW2) that caused so many vets’ trauma?
Or is it a matter of fact that during previous wars mental health care was less developed?

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I’m gonna get blasted. I’ve looked for the article recently because it never leaves my mind, but I’m pretty sure it had some connection the the book “Stolen Valor”.

But essentially the Vietnam Veteran that you described and are thinking of is a fabrication of people stealing benefits and running grifts. The majority of Vietnam veterans, definitely suffered levels of PTSD, but reintegrated into society quite well just like WWII veterans.

The reason why the article stuck out to me was a couple of claims that it made. First there were more per capita draftees in WWII than Nam. Second and this is the crazy one, the number I remember is 3 out of 4, but it could be 2 out of 3…. But 3 out of 4 people claiming Vietnam service are lying, not 1 out of 4, 3 out of 4. The number of people who served in Vietnam versus the number of people claiming VA benefits is that far off.

As a service member it’s amazing the amount of embellishment and lying that you see. But I will leave you with this final question “of all the people you have ever met who claimed to serve in Vietnam, how many of them were cooks? Logisticians? How many claim some connection to MACV SOG?

If you’re too young for that ask your dad or grand dad.

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