Vietnam War veterans’ mental health comparing to other wars’ veterans

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I noticed that a lot of media and publications talk about Vietnam War veterans suffering from PTSD and other psychological/mental health issues.
What was so devastating in this specific war comparing to other wars (i.e. WW1 and WW2) that caused so many vets’ trauma?
Or is it a matter of fact that during previous wars mental health care was less developed?

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After WW2, in Europe the vets spent weeks in Britian and France waiting for ship back home. Then they were stuck on the ship for a week or so while crossing the ocean. All with their fellow soldiers who fought with them and went through the same things. They had the time to come to terms with what happened.

Vietnam was very different. Units didn’t rotate back. Individuals did. And they were just stuck on a plane and landing back in the US two days later. They didn’t get time to decompress before they were thrown back into society.

And before WW1, wars were fought over months with only a few days being actual fighting. WW1 is the first time that soldiers had to be on and be worried 24/7. Before that, it was weeks of marching to even come close to yout enemy. And then it was days of maneuvering to maybe engage in a day long fight. WW1 was months of being in combat. Something that had never happened before.

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