What actually causes CTE?


I can’t get a answer from askdocs. Just wanting to understand if the kind of brain damage that keeps turning people crazy is from really bad head injuries or just from alot of less bad head injuries or both or if theres anything to prevent getting CTE besides avoiding concussions obviously. thank you.

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It’s caused by repeated trauma to the head, so repeated concussions. We don’t know how many or how bad it has to be for it to happen, we just know that it’s mostly athletes with a lot of concussions who get it. I’m sure it’s possible many ways – either a bunch of little ones, a couple of big ones, or anything in between. You can avoid CTE by not getting concussed lol.

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Concussions and sub-concussive trauma both cause short term damage to the brain, but they may also result in long term damage such as CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. – https://youtu.be/k7BdLyB-Duc

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Encephalopathy means that your brain isn’t working right. Chronic means that your brain is always not working right and is not just screwed up due to poisoning or alcohol or something like that. Traumatic means that it’s caused by an injury, and not for instance genetics. So taking them all together, chronic traumatic encephalopathy means that your brain doesn’t work right due to be repeatedly hit.