What actually is an embassy, what does one do and what is the significance if one closes or is removed?


I’ve travelled alot and hear on the news about embassy’s but I have no Idea what they actually are, what is the the purpose of one, why are they so important, what do it actually mean when one is closed or removed from another country? And are they really that important for diplomacy?

I guess what I’m wanting to know is what is the job of an embassy and why is it so important?

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An embassy is a country’s diplomatic base in a different foreign country.

So for example, the US will have an embassy in the U.K., France, spain, etc. It serves as a safe place for American citizens in those countries, a meeting space for their own diplomats while in that country and is generally a “slice of home” but overseas.

It’s also where you have to apply for a Visa depending on the country, if you want to visit their country from yours.

They’re important in a political, “power” sort of way. Embassies have been attacked (look up the Iranian Embassy siege) as they are prominent buildings.

Fun fact: An embassy is treated as the territory of the country its an embassy of and rules of that country and not the host country apply in embassy premises.