What actually is VO2 max I don’t really understand it that well from doing a google search.


All I know is that mine is 59 from using my watch, is this good at 16?

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Your vo2 Max is the maximum volume of oxygen your body is able to make use of during exercise measured in millilitres per kg of body mass per minute.
59 is very good in the 18 to 25 age range, where 60+ is excellent.

So yes its good.

VO2 max is a measure of the maximum rate of oxygen you can use while exercising. More is good – oxygen is the key to one of the ways the body uses energy efficiently, so the more oxygen your body can use, the less it has to rely on less efficient anaerobic energy sources.

59 is a great number, but keep in mind that smartwatches aren’t going to be perfectly accurate for these kinds of measurements – unless they come with some sort of gas-measuring mask accessory to compare your oxygen intake with your oxygen exhalation, they can’t directly measure your oxygen usage, so they have to go for workarounds and estimate based on what they *can* measure – usually this will be either based on your heartrate or the amount of distance traveled in a certain amount of time.

**VO2 max** is a measure of how much Oxygen your blood can absorb, carry to your muscles, and release. The higher the VO2 max, the more exercise you can perform before shifting to anaerobic energy production (without Oxygen). Anaerobic energy production produces lactic acid, which causes muscle pain and leads to performance degradation.

VO2 max really needs to be measured with an Oxygen mask during exercise. Some exercise machines use known load and heart rate as a measurement tool, but I would doubt their accuracy.