What are dependant and independent variables?


Also while I’m here, what exactly is a coefficient?

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The independent variable is what you can change, the dependent variable is what you get because of that change. The coefficient is the number attached to either variable and affects the amount of change in one variable because of the other.

Example: Y=2X. Y is the dependent variable that depends on X. X is the independent variable. The coefficient is 2 and means Y will increase by 2 every time X increases by 1.

Imagine a casino. Youre playing on a machine, where if you win, youll get 5 times what you invested.

In this case, dependent variable is the prize, independent is your investment and coefficient is 5 times.

If i invest 100, i get 500. If i invest a milion, i get 5 mil

5*investment = reward.


Dependant variables is when a variable A cannot be de-coupled from variable B, as the value of one, affects the other. On a graph, Y depends on X’s value to have its own.

Independant variables are the opposite: Variables that are legitimately not affected by one another for their values. A pair of dice in a dice roll is an example of this: Each die doesn’t care what the other die landed on, it will land on whatever it lands.

A coefficient is a value by which you multiply a variable to get the desired result. In the expression “y = 2x”, the coefficient, 2 is the “slope” of the line: Each Y is exactly twice as big as one X.