What are the laws of attraction?



What are the laws of attraction?

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I personally think it’s bullshit, because I saw “the secret” which made it sound like something mystical was happening. Like the universe was some how was involved in bringing you what you wanted.

I do sort of agree with the premise that if you think it, plan it, and work on it, it will greatly improve your chances of getting what you want. But that’s obvious.

Btw the law of attraction is not a law. It’s simply called making plans, and working on them.

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The law of attraction is when you constantly tell yourself that you will do something and then that positive confirmation makes you achieve whatever it is you were telling yourself. Conor Mcgregor in his prime utilized this. He was so confident that he would have victory that it basically made him win. Guess he stopped doing this haha.

“Law of attraction” is a self improvement concept. It basically says that if you keep focusing on something, it will become true in some way.

For example, you really want to make money. So you focus on money, keep thinknig about it. It will end up “attracting” money to you, in the form of you noticing money making opportunities or getting more job offers, etc.

Personally I think it’s bullshit because if it was true I would surely have a girlfriend by now.