What causes a cut in your mouth to heal faster than a cut on ur arm?


What causes a cut in your mouth to heal faster than a cut on ur arm?

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The inside of your mouth has more blood vessels in it. This allows more resources to go in and out of your mouth; when it gets cut, bit or crushed, it has all the material it needs to fix the damage. It’s also worth pointing out, that your mouth is dirtier than your arm, so your immune system is much more active there under normal circumstances. Because of this, the immune system can respond to the damage and help repair it faster.

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There are things in all your skin cells that regulate DNA transcription that are activated by injury, that tell your body what to do when you are injured. There are some of these regulators in your mouth that are not anywhere else in your body, and they’re the reason the injuries heal so fast and with minimal scaring.

We don’t actually know why or how they do this. Or even if for sure its the thing responsible. But its the only thing that’s been found to explain the difference.

This is something people have been trying to figure out for a very long time, and its not giving up its secrets easily.