What causes some animals like rabbits and deer to defecate in pellets, while other animals have the “log” type?



And am I correct in thinking that cows, horses, elephants,etc. also have the pellet shape, albeit very large, that simply turn to “patties” when they hit the ground?

In: Biology

It’s mainly because of natural predators. All animals need to poop, but the time spent doing so opens them up to attack in the middle of the act.

A rabbit will poop small pellets. Doing so allows them to run away quickly and leave less of a trail than dropping a log and having it follow them back to where their home is.

The Capybara actually makes square shaped poops and as a result, they don’t roll down hill, which could lead a predator to their hutch.

In short prey animals are able to shit quickly so that they can be on the move faster. Predators take longer to shit because they don’t have any urgency.