What causes the grey “stress” hairs?


When I was younger I noticed that some of the older people (teenagers included) have random strands of grey hair in their locks. I was told by my family that people who have this are stressed. I’ve never had them myself even now at 19 and I’d say I get pretty stressed sometimes. How true is this and what causes it?

In: Biology

As we age the level of Methionine sulphoxide reductases or MSRs in our hair drops, which increases the level of hydrogen peroxide in the hair. Tyrosinase an enzyme which governs melanin in the hair is disrupted by the low levels of MSR and high levels of hydrogen peroxide resulting in grey hair. However the MSRs also can combat oxidative stress which plays a role in cell damage and aging. – https://youtu.be/YtmwzSbLaQk