What causes voices to crack?



Pretty straightforward i think, have at it.

In: Biology

In a very simplistic manner- your voice box doesn’t grow evenly. So while you start getting the lower notes as your voice box grows and the vocal cords have room to produce those sounds your body is not used to it
So sometimes it blinks back into the original patterns it’s used for so long and you get a squeak.

On a side note this also happens to girls however bc boys can drop an octave or sometimes more while girls go no lower than a couple tones – the difference is way more pronounced.

Your voicebox is made of two flaps of tissue called vocal cords that vibrate together to make sound. One way you can change your voice is by controlling how tightly the two flaps come together. When the vocal cords don’t meet each other fully, you can get this breathy, hooty sound that some people call falsetto.

When your voice cracks, your vocal cords were meant to come together nicely, but something goes wrong and they fall apart for a split second, causing a “crack” that sounds a bit like a falsetto.
Different things can cause cracks, but most of it boils down to instability. A growing voicebox, a voicebox that’s inflamed or damaged, straining your voice too hard etc.