what color is the sun

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Is it yellow because from Earth it usually looks yellow to us? Or is it white because the sun gives off all wavelengths of light (white light)? Or is it some other color?

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It’s all of them. The sun emits all colours of light in teh visible spectrum, as well as lots of light we can’t see (infra red, ultra violet and beyond). The atmosphere filters out some of this light, but most of it still gets through.

[This is the solar spectrum, both in space and in the atmoshere.](https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anna-Dal-Farra/post/What_range_of_the_solar_radiation_spectrum_impacts_the_most_on_the_albedo_of_a_surface_is_400-800_a_good_estimate/attachment/59d622616cda7b8083a1bffe/AS:273843313152001%401442300741958/download/2000px-Solar_spectrum_en.svg.jpg)

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