what determines if a food makes you feel full or not?



If I eat yoghurt or oatmeal I’ll usually still be hungry but let’s say I eat a pizza, a burger or a steak, I’ll feel full. What determines this?

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Basically your stomach, how much it can hold, and when it signals your brain to give the indication that it’s reached capacity.

Edit: Also depends on how you see the food (that is as to how much it can fulfill your hunger) and how full your belly currently is.

It’s actually very complex and depends on hormones released by your body, your mood, your environment, how full your stomach is, your genetics, the macronutrients in the food and how quickly they are digested and even what time of day it is!

We all know that feeling of yes, being full, then someone offers you a delicious looking desert, and suddenly you have room for it. Or eating something snacky while you are distracted and you can completely overeat and be unaware of it.

Hormones like Ghrelin and Leptin can make you feel hungry or full, sensors in the stomach can tell you how full your body is, delicious smells and sights can trigger a hungry response etc

The foods you’re describing vary significantly in size. Typically fiber and complex carbs will make you feel full longer. Comparing a yoplait yogurt cup to eating a burger is silly. One is a 4-8oz meat patty with buns & toppings and the other 6oz of yogurt.

AFAIK foods with complex fibers or starch makes you feel full easily compared to foods without.

Most certainly milk tea has those. I usually drink milk tea if I am not feeling full. Always works

What oatmeal are you eating? Oatmeal is my go to meal if I need something quick, cheap and super filling.

Protein, fat, and fiber take longer to digest. Drop a cracker (carbs) in a glass of water and watch it disintegrate. Now drop a bite-sized piece of steak in there and watch it just sit there. Stomach acid is more powerful than water, but the concept is similar. That harder to digest food will keep you feeling full longer.

Low carb foods also don’t create an insulin spike (the crash is really the problem, but you can’t have a crash if you don’t have the spike), so hunger is more gradual than sudden, so you don’t notice it as much.

Calorie count difference between your first two foods and the others is extremely significant!!

When you say oatmeal, you mean extremely sweet instant oatmeal. Try pin head and steel cut oats. They have to be boiled for a lot longer, and will keep you full throughout the day.

Fat, Protein, and complex (hard to digest) carbs make you feel full.