What determines the effectiveness of a medication?


What characteristics of nimesulide makes it stronger than ibuprofen?

How would you measure effectiveness of drugs with different methods of action like metoclopramide and ondansetron?

Metoclopramide is a d2 receptor antagonist

Ondansetron is a 5ht3 receptors antagonist

Different receptors and different neurotransmitters.

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A bunch of things. How well is it absorbed. whether it is broken down to something else that may or may not be effective. How well it can get to the site of action. If it is something that binds to a receptor, effectiveness would depend on how well it binds to the receptor vs. how well the thing it is replacing binds to the receptor. Effectiveness can be measured in different ways for different drugs. It could be objective (did the patient’s cancer go into remission, did they die). Or, in the case of symptoms like nausea or pain, it would be a subjective report from the patient.