What do candy makers do with the big chunks when they cut hard candy?


In those videos where they’re chopping rolls of hard candy, once they reach the end of the rolls, there’s giant chunks left over. What do they do with it? I’d imagine they don’t just throw it away and waste food.

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One thing they can do with these big chunks is to use them as ingredients in other candy products. For example, they might melt down the chunks and use the syrup to make other types of candy, like lollipops or gummy bears.

Another thing they can do is to sell the chunks as a separate product to other candy makers or food manufacturers. These chunks can be used as an ingredient in all sorts of different foods, like baked goods or ice cream.

I can’t speak to what the general answer is, but Lofty Pursuits sells the ends of their candy logs as “unicorn droppings” (only in store, not online).

Dum dum lollipops just switch flavors, and the ones that are between to flavors are labeled as mystery flavor.