what do the 3 laws of thermodynamics mean and what is entropy


what do the 3 laws of thermodynamics mean and what is entropy

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Entropy is the measure of disorder in a system. It can have a positive or negative value and is denoted by the letter S measured in joules per kelvin.

Not disorder in the legal sense, but in the sense of how disorganized molecules are.

For example, a block of ice has entropy; as it melts, molecules gain energy and start to disseminate further apart and lose structure forming a liquid.

Water to steam is another example of entropy.

You actually see it a lot every day but don’t realize it’s a process in daily life.

First law: conservation of energy, if you take heat out of a system, it looses energy.

Second law: the sum of the entropies of a closed system never goes down, it only goes up or stays the same. Another way to say this is that heat goes from hot to cold and not the other way around

Third law: entropy goes to a constant as temperature goes to absolute zero.

Entropy is a weird and confusing topic. It’s the amount of “disorder” in a system. Some people have described it as the number of ways you can arrange the atoms and molecules in a system. I was never great with entropy so I can’t help you to much there