What does it mean by 7-8 hrs of sleep


I’ve recently been using a sleep tracker on my Apple Watch and it sees that I wake up during the night 3-4 times, lasting around an hour each night. This may sound like a dumb question but does sleeping 7-8 hrs mean 7-8 of being in bed or does it actually mean 7-8 of being sleep? For me, I thought it’s 7-8 of being in bed thus is why I go to bed 7 hours before my alarm.

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Most people interpret it as meaning 7 – 8 hours of being in bed, unless it takes you an unusual amount of time to fall asleep.

It’s normal to have sleep cycles, that means ideally 4 – 5 cycles of deep sleep. You’re not “awake” in-between those, but you’re definitely sleeping very lightly.

If you’re feeling tired or like you’re not sleeping well, don’t trust your watch. Get an actual sleep study done. Your doctor / PCP can order one for you.

If you’re sleeping fine and waking up feeling rested most of the time, then I wouldn’t worry about it. Use the sleep tracker to see if your sleep gets noticeably better or worse over time.