what does Spring Boot do?


Reading about the framework Spring and having trouble understanding what Spring Boot and Spring Batch does if someone has a simple analogy and what was the old way of doing things and what Spring solves?

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I don’t have extensive experience in it so I’m sure others can explain some of the finer points, but one of the major things it does is it’s a standalone web application.

You don’t need to configure a web server, or manage server settings, or anything like that…you build your application, and double-click the executable and your web application runs all on its own.

Old Method: Choose and download/install web server software -> Configure web server -> Build and Deploy web application to server

Spring Boot: Build and deploy web application

Spring allowed you to wire together bits of an application to make it do whatever you want, but didn’t do it for you. So you had to have lots of configuration files telling it how one thing relates to the other. For example, you would need to say that this class need to be initialized before this one, and to get some data from this other file to set a field in that class, etc.

Spring boot has some of the wiring built in so it is easier to get things up and running with less need to “boilerplate” configuration, especially if you use starter templates for specific types of applications like web apps. The trade off is you need to follow it’s conventions and it is a bit if a “black box” with lots of stuff happening behind the scenes. Spring boot starter templates also give you built in commands to test, deploy, and run applications so you don’t need to write them yourself, which is a huge time saver.