What engineering measures are in place to ensure we don’t get another disaster like the Titanic?


What engineering measures are in place to ensure we don’t get another disaster like the Titanic?

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The biggest problem with Titanic was the lack of adequate lifeboat capacity. Ships are now required to have a lifeboat seat for every passenger, and they do emergency drills as well. We also have much better navigation and communications systems in place to help warn of danger or get quick help.

Enough lifeboats for the entire passenger and crew list first and foremost – rules about that came around directly because of the Titanic disaster. The ship sank very slowly and there was more than enough time to evacuate everyone, there simply weren’t enough boats.

Now for boat construction itself, the main change is watertight chambers that seal at the top too – Titanic’s didn’t and they spilled over as the ship listed.

More generally, radar and guidance systems so you don’t smack an iceberg in the first place.

In what specific sense?

In the specific case of the Titanic you had three major problems

1) A lack of life protection in the event the boat sank, this was largely due to the perception that having life boats would make people feel uncomfortable. We have both ditched that social perception and life safety is expected, we also have laws governing minimum life safety standards.

2) A lack of engineering know how/third party inspections. The boat was likely built *in the wrong way*. The metal fabrication and assembly techniques were not up to what we would now consider acceptable standards. We know how various laws governing the materials used in construction, standards in place for the quality of the materials, and legal inspection protocols ensuring those standards/laws are being followed.

3) The boat was in the wrong place at the wrong time, part of it was dumb luck, unusual conditions lead to increased ice flows in the area. Part was poor management putting the boat on a course and in conditions and at a speed it should not have been.

In a general sense, we have spent the last hundred years improving the built world (structures, vehicles, etc) to ensure the built world is not only safe every day, but in extreme circumstances.

I read that there is not that much they could learn from an engineering standpoint. Most likely they learned some from the titanic, but more actually from warships.

That being said, some things were learned:

There were requirements for merchant vessels and the number of lifeboats. But regarded only ships up to 10.000 tonnes. Those would have needed 16 lifeboats. The titanic had 46.000 tonnes and 20 lifeboats.

Some of the lifeboats didn’t get filled to capacity. At least four were filled to 50% or less. Better training would have prevented that.

Some more can be found [here](https://www.ehstoday.com/safety/article/21916859/five-safety-lessons-learned-from-the-sinking-of-the-titanic)

Besides having enough lifeboats for everyone onboard, there are some other things we’ve done too

* The International Ice Patrol was established to look for icebergs and warn other ships
* Requirement that ships must respond to distress signals and help in every way that doesn’t endanger their own vessel. IRL, this can be something as simple as a Mayday relay where a bigger ship with a more powerful radio reports a Mayday message to the authorities like the Coast Guard.
* To go with that second point, no turning off your radio.

And to be sardonic for a bit, we’re also rapidly warming the planet and getting rid of the glaciers that icebergs come from.

A whole crap-ton. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) specifies minimum standards of naval architecture (engineering), navigation equipment, communications equipment, safety procedures, and organizational managememt.

Certification organizations employed on behalf of insurers check compliance and certify abiding ships and companies. Port-state inspections verify ship compliance.

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