What equipment does a large solar farm need to transfer power from the farm to the grid?


I see solar farms along the highway as well a high capacity power lines, so can they just tap directly into those lines or does the power have to go to a substation before being transferred over those lines?

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The power needs to be protected, conditioned and controlled. That means, depending on the panels and configuration, rectifiers and transformers to get it to AC of the right voltage and frequency to input to the grid, it means industrial circuit breakers for protection and it means programmable relays for control. It may also want some kind of overflow capacity like a battery bank which will also help it keep up voltage during a sudden spike while other generation stations spin up additional output. It’ll generally at least have some cap banks for that if not batteries.

Also assorted buses and lines to connect them to each other and those devices, but I figured that wasn’t what you were asking about.

if it’s very similar voltage they just need a Controller, otherwise also a transformer. https://www.google.com/search?q=solar+controllers same principal for residential commerical tie ins or municipal size grids