What exactly causes pain when you’re getting up after you been kneeling for a longer time



When you kneeling and sit on your heels for a while, why does it hurt so much when you stretch out your legs afterwards? What exactly is causing the pain? Is it “unhealthy” to sit like this since it hurts?

In: Biology

You have cut off circulation to the parts of your body which are hurting. The pain is the blood returning to those areas, washing out cellular waste which has built up there. Also, the blood that was in there and getting choked on waste is now voming back to the rest of your body.

Yes, it is unhealthy to do this. It can cause varicose veins over the long term. Also, if you were to pass out (say from alcohol) in that position then you could die from your body getting overloaded with the toxic stuff when you stand up. That’s one reason why when a friend passes out cold you put them in the coma position (the other is so that if they vomit the vomit flows down and doesn’t choke them).



This is an extreme version