What exactly does LITHA mean (for piercings)?


21F I’m *fairly* new to piercings. I’ve had my ears done since I was 8, belly button since 19, and I got my industrial & second holes done last Feb. I basically did the LITHA method for my first 2 piercings unintentionally; but after getting my ears done last year, I did more research on proper aftercare and started using sterile Saline spray pretty often; or at least when I see (and feel) they need cleaning. I heard mixed reviews about both methods.

On wash days, I don’t mind rinsing my ears off in the shower because my hair is already wet, but usually it’s wrapped and I try to avoid getting it wet. In the mornings, I’d wash my face in the sink and wouldn’t even think about my piercings until they crusted or got bumps (helix side of the industrial).

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my hygiene and develop a morning routine of sorts. Instead of just washing my face, I’d run my piercings under the faucet as well— which gets annoying while trying to avoid my hair— and I would let them air dry for the most part. When my (still healing) industrial is fully dry, it kinda sticks to the piercing hole and I get an urge to move it around (which I know you shouldn’t— I’m sorry, I pick at things).

**SO MY QUESTION IS:** When people say to “LITHA”… What exactly do they mean? Should I just keep running my piercings under the water every morning? Do I even need the Saline spray? Should I be using the Saline *instead* of the faucet? Should I literally just be leaving them alone? Should I put anything on my industrial afterwards to prevent dryness?

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LITHA basically means don’t scrub it to clean it and don’t poke it 😀

You are still supposed to wash it. Water from a faucet, or saline spray is fine, just don’t take like a spray nozzle from a shower head and hose it down. The idea is to avoid moving it around as much as possible.

Saline is fine. The main benefit is that it’s sterile in the bottle. Water is fine from the faucet if you don’t have terrible water service.

Just don’t mix up a saline solution on your own and put it in an unclean bottle, or mix it up an let is sit for a couple days to possibly build up bacteria.