What exactly happens to our bodies when we build up a tolerance against coffee?


What do we build up that makes us need a stronger dose of caffeine for it to take effect?

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Basically, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, it causes your body to dump more dopamine, and your brain grows more dopamine receptors in response. As you grow more dopamine receptors, it’s harder to feel satisfied by anything that provides that dopamine (coffee, drugs, activities, etc…). As you require more dopamine to feel good, caffeine will start to serve to “level you out” more so than give you any sort of kick or energy. Without the caffeine (or other stimulants), until you take a break from it and let your brain dial back on the receptors, you’ll feel more tired, irritable, and overall unsatisfied by things.

Do that whole process again, but for andesine, which helps slow your nervous system.

When you drink caffeine it makes affects your brain in the way natural chemicals in your brain that effect alertness and focus do.

The brain usually keeps these chemicals in a very tight balance, and you keep slamming it with more. So it starts thinking it needs a certain amount to feel “normal”. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you need for like 4 shots of Espresso everyday then you need to stop like asap.

I dont know the medical details but in long run it’s very bad for you body and mind.