What exactly is grief, physically?


I saw this post about memories and I’m curious

In: Biology

We should start with the obvious point, and that it’s a mental thing, and we don’t know everything about the brain.

But grief is the feeling of deep loss or regret, brought about by the brain being physically used to someone or something’s presence, which is no longer there.

It messes with your rhythms, it messes with your thoughts, and you end up feeling it as aches in your body and heart.

Over time, you readjust to life without that missing element, and the grief subsides.

But memories of the person rekindle that feeling of loss, similar to how being around a smoker makes you feel a new craving for cigarettes when you quit years ago, which is why grief over a lost loved one is so much more powerful than something more easily replaceable, like an old car.

The more memories you have, the harder it is to leave it behind.