What exactly was the “wall of sound” technique and why was it so important for music?


I read the wikipedia page on it and im still confused on how it is made and what exactly was so good about it. Im not familiar with music production but ive seen people mention Spector and how he contributed to music and the “wall of sound” is always something i see people mention. But i never know what exactly that is

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The “wall of sound” technique was a revolutionary audio production method that involved orchestrating multiple instrumental and vocal tracks to create a dense, layered, and immersive sound experience

It was important for music because it added depth and richness to the overall sound, making it more engaging and impactful for listeners.

[Tower of Power Horns playing though the Wall of Sound would be a Feat!](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aFGtBIicF7w)

I guess a good example would be of Michael Jackson’s thriller. He sang “cause this is thriller, thriller night” on one track in a certain key. Then he sang the same thing on another track in another key. He repeated this process around 8 times to make a chord, like playing more than one note at the same time on a piano or guitar. The final result was a layered sound which gave depth to the vocals that you couldn’t get with only one track.


There are two “Walls of Sound” — the first was created by Phil Specter & others for the recording studio, the second was created by the Grateful Dead & others for live concerts. The system used by the Dead consisted of 604 separate speakers, 92 amps generating 26,400 watts of power and one massive cable from a nuclear submarine to connect it to the local power grid.