What happens after the course of anti-depressants is over?


Are you perfectly normal after that? Or what? How does these work?

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There is no one good answer for this.

Because anti-depressants are multiple kinds of medications, all with different effects.

And, each person can have their own reaction to anti-depressants, for some people they work great, for some people they don’t really do anything, for some people they destroy their sex drive while also not helping.

This is also why when someone is starting anti-depressants they sometimes have to try multiple different kinds before they find one that works for them.

And for what happens after, that also doesn’t have one good answer. Some people take anti-depressants and then stop later because they’re in a better place and/or things like therapy have helped them into a better place in life. And then Some people never stop taking them.

Depends on the mechanics behind your depression, some people have depression for no aparent reason, some people haven’t gotten over something or are in a circumstance that makes them depressed…

Therapy to overcome a certain problem, or just time to heal the wounds, or changes in life can make you overcome the cause and then therapy can be tapered off, in some other cases, the drug is what that person needs to properly function, it depends a lot and that’s why a specialist is needed

They end? I’ve been taking anti-depressants for 19 years now, and have no intention to stop. But if I do, I’ll let you know. I tried stopping once, and all that happened was my anxiety, anger, and depression returned. Tried that for about a year before I decided to go back on them.