What happens if I eat oxygen Obsorber packets from beef jerky


I was eating some beef jerky and I can’t find the oxygen Obsorber as normally I throw it out, what will happen If I did eat it

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Oxygen absorber? Do you mean the dessicant pack? it absorbs moisture not oxygen.

~~Well, eat it and you will ##explode##~~. No… kidding. Nothing… but its not recommended. They’re silica gel beads. Reasonably inert, biologically, but they will absorb liquid and get bigger. That might be an issue, but probably not.

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You *should* be just fine. It’s a desiccant so it absorbs moisture not oxygen. On a side note that air in your bag is more than likely nitrogen. Anyway, they wouldn’t put it inside the bag if it was a real danger for you. That being said, it’s probably a bad idea.

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If you didn’t notice eating it, then the danger has already passed. The main hazard posed by those silica packets is choking. The material is chemically inert and, unless you were eating a large amount on purpose, will pass right through you.

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Eh not much

The reason it says not to eat it is because of the pack was blank someone could assume it’s a seasoning pack when it’s basically silica beads.

It’s arguably a choking hazard too.

But technically If you ate the pack, open or not into your stomach you would probably be fine.

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They probably won’t harm you, but I wouldn’t advise eating them.

For a vague idea of what they’ll do in your body, pour the contents into a cup of water and leave for 72 hours or so. They should expand from absorbing water – I’ve no idea how big they’ll get.