What happens in the brain during a crush?


What happens in the brain during a crush?

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Hey OP, do you mean crush as in falling for someone?

Thoughts of wanting to be with someone releases chemicals
The chemical make happy feels
The happy feels makes thoughts of wanting to be with someone and makes more chemicals so…… crush.

From what I’ve read, when you start crushing on somebody, your brain is flooded with two primary feel good chemicals: norepinephrine and dopamine.

The simple explanation is that norepinephrine effects how your body feels; the butterflies, heart fluttering.

The dopamine effects your mood.

These chemicals get released each time you interact with this person , be it in person or simply getting a text.

Coincidentally these are the same chemicals involved in drug addiction, except in this case, you’re becoming addicted to a person.

There’s a lot at play really, and we’re still ferreting out most of the neurochemistry.

Essentially what we understand though, is Dopamine (Happy/Reward), Oxytocin(Love), and Serotonin(Happy/Focused).

Serotonin makes you feel good while you’re doing something, being in the zone. It keeps you calm, happy and focused.

Oxytocin is the derpy happy love you feel when you see a cute puppy. It also gets released in a huge quantities when you have sex (or sexy thoughts), which is why before people get older and a bit jaded, sexual attraction = love.

Dopamine is the chemical that you get when you do something and it feels satisfying. It encourages long term objectives and social cohesion. Interestingly, the same system that regulates pleasure regulates pain. It tries to keep a balance, so if you get too much pain, it releases pleasure, and if you get too much pleasure, it releases pain. Rejection triggers this pain system especially hard, which is why emotional pain hurts the way it does. As a super weird side effect to this duality, you can reduce heartbreak with ibuprofen.


When you have a crush (or fall in love, same difference as far as chemicals go), your brain gets flooded with all 3 (with a smattering of other things). This gives you single-minded focus, alternating pain and pleasure, and derpy happy lovey feelings clouding out your normal thinking. Given all that, its pretty understandable why it makes you crazy, and why it’s wonderful and terrible all at once

Edit: Something about norepinephrine which I’ve forgotten completely, which causes fight or flight nerves, and removed the myth about turkey causing drowsiness.

At first your pain receptors are firing as your brain rushes to determine which part of your body is being crushed. As the pain becomes overwhelming, your brain is unable to perform only basic functions and in some cases, if the pain is too great, may cause the victim to black out.

That seems like an oddly specific question, but I’ll give it a go— As compression is applied to the brain, it becomes increasingly difficult for it to perform its normal functions. Meningitis-like symptoms will begin to present, like a strange-feeling headache, stiff neck, nausea, and vomiting. As the brain is crushed even further, seizures and death become likely. This would happen well before total structural failure of the brain, and would likely be due to pinched-off blood vessels, or simple physical damage to critical neuronal circuits.

Wdym? It gets squished

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Before or after the rejection?

Primarily panic, then searching desperately for a means of escape, then nothing but focusing on getting the next breath into your lungs.

It gets flatter and wider…what are we talking about here?

Well, first it starts to bleed as it gets punctured by fragments of the skull. If the crushing is slow enough the immune system will try to fix the damage resulting in bruising and swelling. This will cause a loss of control of your muscles and likely stop you from breathing. After being compressed to about a quarter of it’s previous volume, the fluid that the brain is usually suspended in will start to squirt out of the skull fractures and eye sockets. After it is compressed to about half, the skin around the skull will tear away enough for the brain itself to start squishing out. Assuming the crushing pressure is not stopped at this point, eventually the brain will just be a mashed up pile of fat, blood and bone fragments.

Typically it cracks then bursts like a grape or watermelon.. if your thinking about doing that rethink it please we don’t want to see what the hydraulic press does to your head.

A crush like what I have on your sister or a crowd crush like Travis?

You know you are single in your 30s when you thought “crush” might mean physical trauma like a car accident.

Brucey lives in romania.

Here is all I know from some years on what happens when you have a crush.

It is like everyone said its a drug. Like it will affect you like a drug.

Although the more times you have felt that drug the stronger you want that first high again, and the farther out of reach it becomes.

Once you give up on the one who hurt you. Then you can find the second. That willl resolve itself faster til you find the 3rd.

It’s probably best to focus on actual long term relationships than to worry about the high in the beginning. Cause for real it never lasts at that level it is simply unsustainable. Enjoy the moment and when you find someone u happy with do your best to stick with it unless they are making you unhappy. Then move on and try again.