What happens to eyebrows when they get inside our eyes??



Sometimes an eyebrow get inside my eye and I don’t get it out. Does it gets absorved by my body or what happens?

In: Biology

You probably mean eyelash though it’s possible an eyebrow hair falls out and lands in your eye. Just not as probable as the eyelash.

If it ends up sideways at the bottom of the eye, you might not notice it, or notice it less until tears wash it out, a shower does, the wind does, or you do. If it’s iln an irritating spot, your eye will water to produce tears to remove it.

It doesn’t get absorbed. And it would take a long time to break down, as you may notice they rarely do, nor do other hairs, just by being there. It’s bad enough going bald, so imagine if your hair just broke down on its own for no reason.

Here’s an ELI5 level explanation from an eye doctor. https://gouldvision.com/blog/what-happens-when-eyelashes-get-into-your-eye/