What happens to used bullets/shells, magazines, and disposable rocket launchers left on the battlefield?



I’ve been wondering what happens to all that equipment that becomes left on the battlefield after a firefight. Are they just left there or does someone come and clean it all up?

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I’ll explain this like you’re five:

There are no “war janitors”. The humans who inhabit the area will be saddled with not only trash, but environmental and health detriments for decades to come.

If you want to be sad, look up the fallout of agent orange and “uranium enriched bombs” which the USA used in Vietnam and Iraq respectively.

The only reason a military would “clean up” would be if there’s value to the physical objects or intellectual property. Like how they blew up the helicopter that crashed during the bin laden raid.

Over time it gets collected by scrap metal collectors, people looking for memorabilia and kids looking to play.

We used to collect dud bullets for fun gunpowder projects and the spent casings from the m40 tear gas round is the perfect size for a candle stick(just be sure to clean really well).

Eventually, one the conflict is somewhat settledz some internation aid organization does a cleanup project to remove anything hazardous remaining.