What happens when all of the glaciers melt?


What happens when all of the glaciers melt?

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270ft of ocean rise.

Within 30yrs u will watch cities scrubbed off the coastlines. Within 60 u will watch a rise of 5ft per year.

Collapse is an exponential process and the point of no return was 11yrs ago

Humanity will be pushed inward and northward. Wars will break out across the globe as the crush of humanity strains the resources of all nations.

Nukes will fly

Humanity will be brought to it’s knees again just like it did 12,000yrs ago and 50,000yrs ago and 140,000yrs ago. Each time resulted in a day zero reset. Where we went from high technology to sticks and stones and fairy tales of God’s who flew in machines and scorched the earth with the power of the sun

This is actually all over the internet, lots of cool videos and images. It’s even a USGS FAQ.

Yes, about a 230 feet rise in the ocean level. So, good news, is that plenty of land still exists. Bad news, lots doesn’t – adios to the southern states of the USA.