What happens when one gets burnt by radiation?


There’s this part where a firefighter picks up a brick(I’m guessing it was part of the reactor?), minutes later his hand was burnt to the bone. How does this happen?

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Depending on the dose. It can be from cancer to genetic defects trasmitted. Also fun fact. The burning on skin is like the sunburn as your skin cells sacrifice themselves by dying so they can not produce cancer

In the case of this particular scene from Chernobyl you’re referring to, the firefighter suffered what’s known as a Beta burn. This is a type of burn is cause by beta particle radiation. At least 100 people suffered from beta burns in the accident, and some died from 4th degree burns (burns that effect more than just skin, in some cases going all the way to the bone).


Think of radiation as being shot with million of very very tiny bullets. The bullets are smaller then the size of a cell. Each subatomic bullet cuts a hole though the dna and cell mechanics, rendering it harmed, dying an incapable or reproduction.

Every second that passes, million more bullets are fired.