What is a collective consciousness?



What is a collective consciousness?

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Collective consciousness are thoughts and ideas that are shared by a vast majority of the general public. For example, many people believed gay police are crooked, and thus that becomes a very common perception.

It is the belief that all like things share a cosmic connection. That the knowledge gained by all the individuals is accessible by all. The borg in star trek is an example. A different form is shown in Battlestar Galactica. A real world example is the theory that if you decide to do something, say pick up garbage, then 1000 other people made the same decision too. Independently of you making yours. That somehow if none of you made a decision then none of you would be able to either. There are several great documentries on the subject. The great peasent revolution, of I think Ireland, is an example of this. All across the country without communication 10000’s of slaves revolted. Only to find out later it happened all over and gained them some of their first rights as common people.