What is a hackerspace?


I assume it is some place where hackers get together, but how does it wok?

In: Technology

It’s usually a community run workspace. not really meant for hacking in the sense that most people would think, but more for people that need a place to work together, like if you and a few friends were making a computer game but didn’t have the technology to work on it at home.

They usually have tools for physical projects, too. Like soldering equipment, 3D printers, workshop type tools, etc.

There’s probably going to be a membership fee, unless it’s run by your school.

It’s a communal workshop where people get together to break apart things, code and skills only to build new things, code and skills. Sometimes pizza and beer is involved.

Programmer here, these things are amazing. Think of a library rent-a-room study, but on steroids and full of cool tech. Most of the time there’s really no hacking involved, just coding or tech work, a bit of 3D printing, some building. Really fun times ngl. Usually you gotta pay a small fee unless you’re part of an organization (mine is funded by college, that’s common too).