What is a MediaKit and who is it intended for?



That’s pretty much the whole question — when publications have Media Kits, what is its purpose and who is it intended for?

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Succinct information about the thing, presented how you’d like it to be seen.

“The hottest new band to come out of Bumblefuck, the lead singer has a reputation for drowning puppies in his bath, about which their new single is written. The lead guitarist is freshly back from doing a stint as the Queen’s butler, and without further ado, here is the video for the new single, “I Like Drowning Puppies In My Bath”!

Oh – and one of them’s gay but we’re not going to tell you which one, yet.”

Publication media kits are for potential advertisers, PR people doing outreach, journalists pitching them story ideas… telling the those people what their circulation/media reach is, who their readers are in terms of gender, age, income, interests, etc. so they know whether they’d be a good fit for advertising, sending demo products for review, and such.

Media Kits are basically just packets of information and assets an organisation would publish just to make the jobs of anyone who might be writing about or working with their brand/organisation a lot easier.

For example, a media kit might include high quality copies of the organisations logo, which a graphic designer can then use for whatever reason they need it for. While if they didn’t publish that, the designer might have to find unofficial instances of the logo that might be wrong in some way, could have to use a lower quality image or they’d have to extract the logo from some other material which might distort it in some way, etc.

Its just a courtesy an organisation can make to others to both make their lives easier and ensure that their own brands are accurately and easily represented when appearing in 3rd party media.