what is a think tank?

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What do they do and how do they work?

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A think tank is usually an organization that sells research data and analytics to companies, governments, media, or all of the above.

Usually filled with experts from the specific field or idea the think tank specializes in. 

The commonly thought of one is a geopolitical think tank that may do analyses for politicians or political groups/parties. They do research and come up with “answers”

I put answers in quotes because they are kind of like consultants. Some are great, others spout bullshit for a living. 

Also, many think tanks are known for political leaning or allegiances… like lobbying groups at that point

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They generally sell data. They pick a topic, analyze it, and sell results. Like a strategy to achieve something. Or path that leads to this or that result.

But more often they’re used as influence – “this and that think tank came to conclusion that if you do this, right now, that will happen down the road” – often used for lobbying and bending policy. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes not.

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A think tank is an organization that does policy research, advocacy, and consulting. Most of them specialize in specific field, such as economic policy, foreign relations, healthcare…etc. They do their research, advocacy, and consulting work for governments, businesses, and various other organizations. They are typically, but not always, nonprofit organizations. Some of them are politically neutral and others are associated with specific political parties. Some are more mainstream and legitimate while others are more fringe and basically soapboxes for shady lobbying efforts.

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The generous view is to say they are specialized policy research organizations. They usually try to understand how specific policies would impact their area of expertise.

They collect and synthesize data to produce reports and such that organization can use to make decisions. Usually this is lobbying groups or the like trying to push policy. But also non-legeslative organization, like normal companies and non-profits.

In actuality, I would not say it necessarily flows from objective research to policy makers. Certainly some think tanks do try to be objective. But also plenty with fewer academic scruples and uncomfortably close ties/associations with policy groups.

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The overwhelming majority of think tanks are funded by an individual donation.

Think tanks exist (these days) to furnish a friendly group of people with money, while at the same time advancing a particular agenda..

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A think tank tries to people believe what the company wants but the company can’t put its name behind the policy because it would hurt the brand.