What is absurdism about?


I tried reading on my own but it’s a bit complicated.

A detailed comment is appreciated.

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The eli5 answer is that absurdism is the belief/understanding that life and the universe are fundamentally irrational and meaningless and that “searching” for meaning is a fool’s errand.

Now that’s not to say you can’t “make” meaning in life but that just on a grand scale nothing really matters

Honestly the best answer imo is “nihilism but make it a party”.

It’s the belief that nothing matters so just have fun with it. Be a silly little guy if you want who cares.

I like to think that nihilism is the conclusion a sapient cat would come to and absurdism is the conclusion a sapient dog would come to when asked to define their philosophies.

Knowing that there is no meaning to life, yet still asking if there is or continuing to search for one, is the basis of absurdism.