What is discipline/willpower and how can it be measured?


Does it even exist?

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Fun fact, the national institute of discipline measures willpower in increments called “cookies” from a range of 1-13 or BD

I feel like discipline and willpower is a thing you have or you don’t. You know when people lack discipline or lack willpower, and when they have it. Can a person say they won’t do something and then not do it? (Discipline) Can a person persevere when discouraged? (Willpower).

I can give a story I heard, I think it was real:

They put toddlers in a room one at a time, sitting at a table, they put a marshmallow in front of them and said if they could choose not to eat it, they would get two at the end. They then recorded the kids behavior over a few minutes. Some dove into the treat right away, while others tried a variety of methods to distract or restrain themselves, and others were able to just turn away and wait.

Some of them had willpower/discipline, and others did not.

A common measure is the ability to deny oneself of short term gains or personal gain in favor of long term gains or the gains of the greater community.

I think what you’re talking about is executive functions. Willpower is a whole constellation of different cognitive skills. Such as resisting impulses, working towards long term goals rather than short term gratification, filtering out distractions, managing our emotions etc. Executive functions are often impaired in ADHD.