What is dry cleaning


What is dry cleaning

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It’s pretty similar to regular laundry except they use special chemicals and a series of steps to remove the solvent from the clothing.

Some clothes are made out of materials that would be damaged by water. So they have to be cleaned without using water–i.e. “dry” cleaned. Usually this still involves liquids (e.g. stain remover), just ones that aren’t water.

The name is a lie. Dry cleaning is not actually dry.

All it means is that the liquid used to clean the clothes does not have water in it. Instead it is usually a solvent called perc. Just like the soap used at home it dissolves stains while not harming the fabric.

A [dry cleaning machine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_cleaning#/media/File:Drycleanmachine.JPG) is not all that different from a home washing machine and works basically the same way.