– What is Endurance racing and how is it different from F1/NASCAR/Indycar

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Hi! Looking for someone into the world of auto racing! Recently got into endurance racing thru finding out about it from watching F1. Wanted to watch a couple of races and there are some parts that are hard to follow or need some getting used to and I was looking for a concise explanation on what the basic rules of WEC/affiliates are, especially in comparison to “shorter” form races like F1 or NASCAR? So far just about the only thing I understand is that 1) they have multiple drivers especially for longer races and 2) there seems to be a few classes of car that compete each weekend? Is this like an F1/F2 deal or is it simply cars with different power/more even regulations?
Sorry if this is kinda all over the place. Happy to clarify if anyone has any other questions or if this is too broad’

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Endurance racing is limited by time ie 1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours etc. Whoever crosses the finish line first after that time runs out in the last lap they’re declared the winner. Whereas in other races whoever finishes the specified number of laps first is declared the winner.