What is happening when a person acclimates, like to a new climate?


What is happening when a person acclimates, like to a new climate?

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Your brain thrives on stimulus and new stimuli. For example. You always see your nose. However, you see it so much your brain got bored of it and kind of erases it from its notice. Close one eye and oh there it is, open both, its gone again.

Your brain gets bored and as you experience things over and over again it pays less attention. Why life seems to get faster as you age, lack of new stimuli so your brain goes on cruise control.

SO, you move to an area that is much hotter than you are used to. Oh lord its hot this sucks I hate it. HOWEVER, over time you get used to it. You experience it so much you no longer really notice. It’s the normal. Your brain is like “yup still hot as balls, nothing to see here” and no longer reacts as much. Then suddenly go back home to a cold place, and the stimulus is different and your body is like WOAH SHIT ITS COLD NOW WTF.

Do you mean like what happens when we move from Canada to Florida and have to get used to the heat?

In terms of the heat, your body has a hormone which tells your cells “bro you gotta go…you gotta burn energy” one effect of that hormone is that you start producing a ton of heat. So when you move to a hot climate, your body slowly produces less of it. (Thyroid hormone)

You also start to sweat more, and in order to make sure you don’t run out of salt, your sweat becomes watery. That lets you survive in the heat longer and you either start drinking more water to compensate or your kidney will start concentrating your urine to prevent dehydration .

Stimulus to things like cold are partially because your body is telling you “hey I’m cold, go warm up”

When you are constantly exposed to something the brain sees it less as a threat and more as an every day occurrence.

The eli5 would likely be your brain accepts your new reality and that you aren’t in danger so you “get used” to the new climate.