what is HTTP/3?


what is HTTP/3?

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HTTP is a protocol that the web run upon. It defines, basically, how the hyper text data will be sent between the server and the client (browser).

HTTP3 is the third version of the protocol, which changes the transport layer to use UDP and QUIC (another protocols), among with other details that I’m not aware of. But basically, it tries to improve the speed of the internet using a more lightweight transport layer.

HTTP/3 is the new iteration of HTTP.

In the new version HTTP changes the underlying transport layer protocol, to decrease latency and overhead.

Arguably the biggest performance improvements will come from the initial connection setup between your webbrowser and the website you visit. With the new protocol multiple steps that are required before sending the actual data are packed into one, additionaly this data can be used for future connections to that server, vastly improving the time it takes to get data from sites you already visited.

The other notable improvement in handling packet loss, so there should be slight performance improvements on unstable internet connections as. The improvement comes from less data needed to be resend.

Also switching networks will have less of a performance penalty, so during commute you can expect way faster connection reestablishing.

Tl;dr Makes the internet go a little faster by reducing overhead and improving latency.

Http/3 is based around protocols that reduces the steps required to create a TCP handshake and adds encryption between the end user and the application. The encryption enhances security for normal home internet users but it’s going to be a challenge for corporations, schools and so on. This is because it makes Man in the Middle *theoretically* impossible.

This makes inspecting traffic for malware and data leak of confidential info a bit of a challenge.