What is hypnotherapy


How would I know if I’m susceptible or not?

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Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to treat ailments.
For a real eli5 explanation, you are hypnotised so your more active thinking is put on pause. This was your active thoughts dont get in the way of the suggestion that the practitioner will give you. They could suggest that you experience less anxiety in certain situations. Your brain accepts this as fact, so then when you go about your day afterwards, it reacts differently than it did before.

The fact that it relies on the brain to fox itself means that it relies on a certain amount of placebo effect to work, i.e. you need to believe in if for it to happen. In the case of anxiety, two unrelated studies were performed in 2019 on the treatment of anxiety. They found that hypnotherapy was effective in around 79% of recipients, and a placebo pill were effective on 75% of recipients.
To know if it would work on you, its not something anyone here can say definitively. Are you susceptible to party hypnosis? Are you susceptible to the placebo effect? We can’t say