What is IP65 and how does it protect eletronics from water?


What the title says

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IP ratings (stands for Ingress Protection) is just a rating system for how protected a device is against solids (such as dust), and liquids (such as water). The rating system outlines tiers and qualifications the device must reach to claim to meet those standards.
You can see the [outline here.](https://images.app.goo.gl/Ez7HEBMCBN6dES9h6)

IP65 does not protect electronics from water. It is a rating of the enclosure, which means that the device is protected from water.

How this protection is accomplished is not the issue. IP65 simply means that the protection is there.

Think of it this way: say you are guaranteed that your hair will stay dry in the rain. It could be done by an umbrella or a hat. IP65 simply is a rating that your hair stays dry.

The various IP ratings are “ingress protection” essentially rating how well an electronic device’s case keeps stuff from getting in.

In this case, the first digit 6 means that it’s dust tight. No dust will get in. The 5 is “can resist water spray from every direction”.

For myself, I often look for IP67 or better, which has the same “dust-tight” but is rated for temporary submersion in water.